Peter S. Shin

Composer & Visual Artist

Screaming Shapes

Small Chamber Ensemble / Dance / Electro-acoustic

Screaming Shapes (2017) for amplified flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, fixed electronics, and dance

Duration: 5'15"
Premiere: 11/18/17; Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra and Iris Company; Walt Disney Concert Hall; Los Angeles, CA

- 2017 Los Angeles Philharmonic - “Noon to Midnight” - Walt Disney Concert Hall
- 2017 Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra - International Call for Scores
- 2018 Civic Orchestra of Chicago - New Music Workshop with coachings by International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)
- 2018 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award
- 2018 American Academy of Arts and Letters - Charles Ives Scholarship
- 2019 Hear Now Music Festival
- 2019 Tribeca New Music YCC Division 1: Merit Award

Program Notes

Audiogenic epilepsy, extreme puppetry, fricatives on the verge of intelligibility, and a guessing game of identifying who is doing what. Based on a poem by Nick Volpert outlining his visceral response to the 2016 United States sociopolitical events, a live amplified quartet duels with an electronic quartet, flickering between harmonious commingling and bouts of grating friction.

clinging to a smooth surface scratching fingernails backwards
tippest top in the empty air
looming untouchable up ahead
a golden wheel made of wheels
curling in horror, screaming shapes to fill the yawning gulf
a pin I wear to ensure I’m always small
unending over and over like a river for centuries
not quite! not quite! not quite!

— Nick Volpert, November 8, 2016